Welcome to Documentation of Meridian, where you can learn the functioning of the Bot.


Meridian is one of the Finest Music Bots on Discord with over 35+ commands which promises you to deliver absolutely stunning music quality. With request channel, which has best-in-class 15 controls, you can stream songs with absolute ease!

Getting Started

The first thing is to invite Meridian in your server. If you haven't already, then you can invite it by clicking here. Meridian by default only asks for the permissions which it needs. Incase it is not invited with required permissions, it can malfunction and certain features may not work properly. You can read the Permissions to get an overview of why we need these permissions.


Meridian is an easy to use Bot. All of the commands would be ready to be used once it is invited with appropriate permissions. To setup the Request Channel, just type /request-channel option:Enable and then you will be to go. You can also setup DJ Roles incase you want to restrict controls to specific members, or the Voice Logs to monitor the activity of the members. Meridian is a slash-commands-only bot and hence does not have any prefix. Type / to use its commands. To view other commands, you can type /help or scroll through the Documentation.
Support Server: You can join the Support Server if you are facing any difficulties while using Meridian and need human assistance.
Last modified 1yr ago